The filtration process can remove various coarse impurities, sediment particles, turbidity, iron, manganese, chlorine and chlorine compounds, nitrites, nitrates, phosphates, ammonia, etc. from water. Filtration is used to remove larger particles from water, with the aim of preparing water for drinking, for the technological process or preparations for the next stage of water purification.

UV sterilization

Ultraviolet (UV) sterilization is a chemical-free water treatment process that uses the power of UV-C light to disinfect, remove bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms present in water.

Systems for removing Arsenic from water

Arsenic removal systems are water filters with selective resins used to retain arsenic present in water.

Reverse osmosis

Reverse osmosis is used for the production of process water and other processes where it is necessary to remove all dissolved substances.

Industrial mechanical filters

Mechanical filters are devices that are used to remove mechanical impurities from water, which means that they clean water from all insoluble particles found in water such as sand, clay, organic and inorganic substances, sludge and the like.

Industrial water softeners

Ion exchange technology completely and permanently softens water, unlike other technologies that only temporarily change the physical properties of scale in water.

Dosing stations

Dosing pumps are a special type of volumetric pump that can meet the needs of various strict processes, and the flow rate can be infinitely adjusted in the range of 0-100% and is used to transport liquids, especially corrosive liquids.

Automatic deferizers for simultaneous treatment of hardness, iron, manganese and organic substances with ecomix medium

Automatic deferizers Ecomix is a granular filtration filling that effectively removes organic matter, hardness, iron, manganese and ammonia at a wide pH range of water without the need to dose oxidizing agents.

Automatic filters for removing iron and manganese from water using pyrolox medium

Removing iron and manganese from water is an important task in water purification. Deferrizers work on the principle of oxidizing dissolved divalent iron and manganese into their trivalent form, which is insoluble and separable.

Automatic filters with active carbon

Activated carbon filters work on the principle of absorption, which as a processing stage can be included as necessary in any application where water filtration is required.