About us

ATT & AT bases its business on building and maintaining long-term cooperation with its partners. A relatively young company, of high competence, ATT & AT offers the knowledge and technology of its strategic partners, who have been bringing the best solutions for the needs of environmental protection with their creative solutions for more than 40 years.

Good knowledge of the market and the needs of customers, allowed us to adapt - often in advance - to customer needs. Typically designed to effectively remove and transport surface water or liquid. In some cases, they are also used for their infiltration. Rainwater drainage is a key point in surface water management and transfer to the next stage where the system of treatment, infiltration, and discharge back to the designated recipients is performed.

Our activities

  1. Ecological engineering

    One of the biggest problems facing today's global society is caring for the environment.
    Ecological engineering is based on knowledge of the causes, risks and impacts of technological processes on the environment, knowledge of methods of design, management and maintenance of technological systems from the aspect of environmental protection and as such is the basis of our business. The purpose of environmental engineering is a successful combination of technology and preservation of quality of life.

  2. Consultation

    Using many years of experience, we provide consulting services in choosing the best solution for you. Our task is to advise clients in choosing the optimal solution in the field of wastewater and air treatment, and awareness and education in this area, as a measure against industrial and municipal pollution that is a threat to the environment.

    We continuously listen to clients with the aim of improving cooperation and developing ideas. By comparing different possibilities and making the necessary analyzes, we ensure the right path from idea to goal.

  3. Designing

    We provide design services, and we find the most acceptable technologies that represent a comprehensive solution in favor of effective reduction of energy consumption, in order to maintain hope for a clean future. Given the interdisciplinarity of the required skills, the company employs several experts in various fields who have an adequate level of knowledge, which ultimately allows the development and proposal of the best solutions in design.

Our vision

Our vision is to build a company whose reputation and success are based and built on high ethical and professional values and attitudes in the field of environmental protection, whose name will be synonymous with innovation, ecology, environmental protection, quality for clients, business associates, employees and the community. which distinguishes our services, the professionalism with which we approach each client. Responsibility towards the community and the environment in which we live and operate is the foundation of our business.

Our mission is to provide superior services to meet market demands and provide our customers with satisfaction by creating new values, such as environmental engineering, environmental mediation, environmental consulting, design, knowledge transfer, research of new methods in the application of new, innovative technologies. in Croatia and beyond.

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History of our company

March 2013

Establishment of ATT & AT as a simple limited liability company (jdoo)

August 2020

The company changes its status from a simple limited liability company to a limited liability company (doo)


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